Sunday, April 17, 2016


OPTINSTL is severely overextended at the moment.  Sorry for the delay.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


I had a health issue that put me under the weather and should have the new issue up by Monday.  I was going to do voting but in light of the 4/14 Strike I am going to do Work and Wages as the theme.

BTW, Hardees is closing up shop in St. Louis.  These big corporations may or may not "stimulate" the economy.  I would like to know how much "development" money and tax breaks they have been given by the St. Louis region.  I'd like to know what the numbers are in terms of their contributions both as a corporate office and sales tax (and did they get sales tax breaks at their stores?).  Maybe the job loss from their headquarters moving will impact the local economy, and maybe it won't.

There is no guarantee that a big corporation is going to stay in the St. Louis region.  Every move or closure is mourned and every new acquisition to the corporate skyline is celebrated, but the local economy continues to sink. 

I don't think Nat Geo is going to revitalize the neighbourhood they are moving into, either.  However, I do think we will start hearing about how the police need more money to "protect and serve" Nat Geo once they get there. So the taxpayers will be asked to pay for more police.