Friday, April 28, 2017


You and every single man, woman, and child in the USA.

The population of the USA is 318 million.
Not all citizens pay taxes.

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The Trump's tax break is equal to $12.57 from every single person in this country. Every single one of us has to pay $12.57

For the Koch's each of us has to pay $135.22

And the Walton's? We pay $166.66 each.

For just these three families that is $314.45. Each.

Now, realistically, about 240 million people pay federal income taxes. Taxpayers, that is $416 more per year. Each. A full time worker making $10 an hour would lose over a week of pay. FOR JUST THREE OBSCENELY WEALTHY FAMILIES.

Of course, a $10 an hour worker ($20,800 per year) won't lose as much as someone that makes $60,000 a year, or $100,000 a year.  It will be the middle classes that lose the most.

And those illegal immigrants that never file for their income tax returns won't be here, either.  And wages might go down- to remain competitive and get those Ivanka Trump manufacturing jobs we will have to be competitive with that whopping $62 for a 60 hour work week she pays in China.

How is this okay with you #maga #Trump people?  Is this what you signed up for?

Friday, April 14, 2017


EDIT: Trump didn't order the MOAB.  As I said, the previously hidden underbelly of the Trump regime coup d'etat is emerging.  The Pentagon is free to do what it does best: make war.  Again, are you ready for WW3?

Nothing is "normal" right now, and therefore We The People have to really consider all the angles:

My first instinct when Trump bombed Syria was that he had decided to not re-pay the Russian mob and/or back out of his alliance with Putin. If the former scenario is correct, then Trump is so determined not to pay his debts that he will become President and start wars to escape the leg-breakers. Putin probably is the head of the Russian mob, so the latter scenario is likely correct, too.

Trump doesn't need the Russians anymore.  Trump is aligning with China. And China and Russia don't appear to be very cozy. I really haven't looked into this enough, but it feels right and fits what I already know. Yes, the oil deal with Rofsnet is important, but it is much more urgent to the Russians than the US.

Bombing Syria and getting nasty with Russia could also be a giant distraction. This seems to be the most widely held theory right now.  Trump probably has assurances that the collusion will be contained to his campaign staff. Even if his entire staff ends up in prison for treason, they won't be able to touch him.  (Plus the "prayer-wall" of GOP staffers like McConnell and Ryan surrounding Trump. And the faction of the coup d'etat we keep forgetting about: the DoD contractors, and mercenaries like Erik Prince. More on that in a second.)   (Note that Australia is on the list.  Australia is part of 5 Eyes, which means they were watching the Russians. The U.K. is also a 5 Eyes country.  Intelligence either of these countries formally introduces will have to originate with surveillance of the Russians. 5 Eyes- USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand - have an agreement to share intelligence and not spy on each other.  Estonia and Germany, etc, could introduce intelligence that originated with the US or with Russia.)
I think my initial instinct was right.  Trump is breaking up with the Russians.  He's gonna show 'em who is boss, and then (try to) make nice again. In the process Trump will hand Syria to the Russians, so they will probably kiss and make up. And a little war is good for all Trump's kleptocrat friends globally, including Putin and himself.  Trump is already raking in the dough from his dictatorship, so why not make a little more with a war?

And if Syria worked so well to distract, to threaten, and to make Trump seem "presidential", how much better Afghanistan and the "Mother of all bombs"?

And Afghanistan has rare earth metals. (And poppies, yes.  Drugs have always been the real money behind all wars.)  Isis and Osama bin Laden are a pretext for dominating this country:

Here's the thing though, about Afghanistan and the bomb, I don't think Trump gave the okay. Part of the brilliant strategy behind the successful Trump coup d'etat/dictatorship is that the revolution happened (is happening still) and it is almost invisible. 
See, the revolution isn't the Left. It isn't ragtag hippie freaks. It is the rabid ICE agents, the 'roid rage racist cops, the white nationalists and the churches that want their own police force. And  truly sociopathic killers that found a home in the military, or DoD contractors' private security forces, or mercenary groups like Erik Prince's Blackwater.   

The war mongers have figured out that they can launch whatever missile they want, tell Trump, and he will ramble on about what he was having for dessert, and name drop the world leader he was with at Mar Lago.  (And Sean Spicer can be counted on to create another diversion at the press conference.)

And while there is no accountability to the public in the Trump regime, there wasn't much accountability before Trump came to power.  Because Ferguson happened and then nothing happened...except the cops got more military equipment, and grants, and a whole lot of court fees.   

When I say "nothing happened" I don't mean from the point of view of We The People.  (Ferguson mattered a lot.)  I mean to people like Darren Wilson.  In fact, Wilson was rewarded! To the current revolution/ coup d'etat/ dictatorship, Ferguson was a sign their would be few repercussion and that real change would be a decade or more away.

McCulloch put on his kangaroo court, and the DOJ came and audited and made suggestions.  But there wasn't any real threat to the Darren Wilson's of the world.  (Two days ago we have two cops beating up a guy for "being black while jaywalking".) To these murderous racist sociopaths, Wilson's outcome was a permission slip to take it further. 

And then this racist, pussy grabbing, grifter born with a gold spoon in his mouth comes along. Trump lied and broke every rule in the book, and yet he was elected! And after 12 expensive, ridiculous weeks he is still running the WH!

And the Tea Baggers, alt-Right, Conservative Evangelicals-  as long as Trump keeps passing their stone age laws and legislation- they are going to keep his clown show running.  It's effective and distracting.  Even if they aren't personally abusing their positions of power- or shooting unarmed black men, or handcuffing five year old children- they are part of the "USA white might is right" revolution.  They are part of the coup d'etat.

Because even though the revolutionaries are minority, with numbers smaller than the LGBT community, or African Americans, they figured out that they have all the guns and they have all the money.  And the system is so corrupt and overloaded it is comatose.  And the "good" people in power don't have much leverage, and aren't willing to play dirty. 

So a few things about World War 3.  There is no precedent in human history for the times we live in- the population, and in countries like our, the dependence on electricity, technology, and our separation from natural resources.

First of all, there were 1 billion people on the planet during WW1.  In world war two the population was a little over 2 billion.  In 1968 the world population was half of what it is now.  A world war with 7 billion people on the planet, even if it doesn't go nuclear, is going to create a domino effect of serious disasters. The good news is we will all have jobs as gravediggers, or more likely, in crematoriums.

Now let's consider that in developed countries we are dependent on electricity and technology for almost everything we actually need to survive.  Grocery stores only have a 3 day supply of food on any given day.  Most of our food is trucked from long distances, and requires refrigeration.  We can't go to the Mississippi with buckets to get water.  We can't call each other or go on the internet if we don't have electricity or if the servers go down for any reason.

And then there is the nature of the war we will be fighting.  Soldiers are incidental to a time when drones and missiles can be used to devastate entire urban areas, even whole states and regions.  It won't matter how many guns you have, the people pushing the buttons will be so far removed from you it won't matter.  There will be no POW's, no acts of mercy.  (I think of the Terminator movies, where the machines were programmed to continue the war so far into the future there were no living humans controlling the machines.)

It is worth it to prepare for the World War 3 scenario.  Do what you can. Begin stocking up on provisions (canned food, water, batteries, back up generator, candles) and setting up local communication networks that don't need electricity or internet or cell phones (ham radios, local meet-up places like libraries and churches, neighborhood networks). Try to keep your gas tank full.

We need to do more than march and make phone calls and attend meetings to stop this.  The coup and its army aren't taking us seriously.  They want a violent response.  From us, from other countries.  Trump's regime can't survive without violence and war. And I don't think violence will work.

We The People need to go on a mass general strike and shut down at least 40% of this countries day to day economic business. Collectively.  To remind all the people in power that AREN'T in the Trump regime that We The People are the lifeblood of this country.  You can't arrest people that are gathered in homes and churches and community centers calling their representatives.  

Yes, some people will lose their jobs and there will still be problems.  But if we can't band together and take real risks to stop this Orange Nightmare, we face a much worse problem, and soon. 

So keep calling, keep organizing, keep fighting.  (And right now, it almost doesn't matter what you fight for or against, only that keep bugging our so-called leaders.) But maybe stock up too, and prepare for world war 3.  Because it might already be to late.

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