Sunday, March 20, 2016


There were some big anti-Drumpf rallies this weekend.  I admire the spirit, but as I have already written, I don't know that demonstrations are going to do much to stop him, and may just stoke the fires of his supporters.

And even if everyone turns out to vote in the Autumn We The People still have the major problem that the popular vote does not actually elect the President.  We MUST get rid of the Electoral College, among many other things that need to change in our electoral process.

An Anonymous Sec has launched an Op against Drumpf, and while I don't know how effective the hacking part will be, I do think an April Fools' Day "Assault" on the phone lines and websites of Drumpf's campaign would be effective.

If everyone that was against Drumpf made just one phone call on April 1st and asked at least one pointed (but polite) question of his campaign, I think it would significantly stress his resources.  (Mine is "what era specifically is Trump referring to when he says 'make America great again'?")

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