Friday, March 18, 2016


The primaries scared the sh*t out of me.  For one thing, KMOV's tally in MO showed twice as many Republican voters than Democratic voters for the first 68% reporting.  Eventually the numbers evened out (mostly) and there were a lot of rumours that many Dems voted for Cruz or any other candidate than Drumpf.

Just a reminder, the popular vote does NOT elect the President.  The primaries are really more important.

In Illinois, twice the number of Dem's turned out at the polls, and even though Hillary got Illinois, I was fine with a large voter turnout.  Larger than expected. But Drumpf still won the Republican primary in Illinois.

To stop Drumpf, I want to again suggest targeting his offices, not his speaking engagements.  It does seem that protests emboldened his supporters and those on the fence to cast a vote for him.  This guy thrives on being vilified and on public attention.

Please make them work for this attention.  Call the Campaign headquarters. Tel: 646-736-1779
Try one of these

Ask a lot questions:
When Trump (don't say Drumpf LOL!) says he is going to make America great again, exactly what era is he referring to?  Bring up all the problems that era faced. Make them tell you specifics- the kind of things his followers don't ask.  How will his policies produce jobs?  When is Trump going to move all of his manufacturing back to the US? (Note, this linke is from FORBES!)
What does he think of the new SCOTUS appointee?  Who is his choice?  (Trust me they don't have an answer for this.)

Literally wear them out.  Make his drones do some research, I guarantee you a few will abandon him if enough people ask the right questions. 

You can also organize a large group to sign up for tickets and DON'T go

Again, it won't be on the news- the media won't be notified about this humiliation, but expecting 2000 or 10000 people that don't show up will affect the campaign and the people working on it.

Instead of protesting during the event, protest the night or day before and skip the confrontation with his drones.  And you will be able to better reach people that are apathetic or on the fence.

Of course, with any of his supporters, asking them the same questions, i.e. "what era are you referring to when you say 'make America great again'?"  These people were never happy. Call them on their fantasy.  Quote the Forbes article, ask them how they can support him as a true American patriot when he does the same things Ford does?

But I personally do not think demonstrations against him, clashing with his supporters, or infiltrating his rallies, does much good.  In the end it seems to only create revenue for the police and keeps Drumpf in the headlines.

And if he becomes the Republican candidate, and is then elected into office, no amount of protest is going to matter. Our efforts against him our better spent on getting more people to vote, and educating people so that they understand why they should vote against him.   

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